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Hotels near Chefchaouen, Morocco

Despite being in a very rural part of the Rif hills there are some interesting hotels beyond the city area itself. So if you don't want to stay in the city you can select one of these options. Of course these are most convenient if you are driving your own car or have some form of private transport.


This nearby city has its own airport and is one of the main routes to get into Chefchaouen by air, therefore it has many visitors and of course hotels to match.  Just a few of the choices include:

Blanco Riad Hotel - A beautiful old style hotel near the old Spanish part of the city. With decorations in traditional styles, enjoy large patios with great spaces and beautiful design. With authentic Moroccan archways, tile work and corridors on all levels you will never feel you are in a generic hotel at the Riad.  The attached restaurant serves both traditional Moroccan as well as international cuisine. website

La Paloma - Small, clean and enjoyable hotel decorated in entirely modern style you will find this a comfortable place to rest on your way to Chefchaouen.


Apartment Marina Beach - Located by the sea at by the Marina Smir just north of the city of Tetouan this is also near the Sofitel Hotel.

Hotel Tidghine - Located high up in the hills this resort hotel caters to those enjoying winter sports. website