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How to get to Chefchaouen, Morocco

Flying to Chefchaouen

As there is no airport associated with the city itself it is necessary to fly to nearby Tetouan and from there take a car, grand taxi, or public bus.  The trip from the T�touan Saniat R'mel airport is about 70km along the N2 national roadway, which is therefore a trip of about one or one and a half hours.  While bus and coaches are available of course these take longer to arrive.

However to Tetouan airport is a small one and has mostly local flights, so while it is a great place to transfer if you are travelling from Casablanca for example it is not so good for international arrival.

Consider flying therefore instead to Tangier, although the trip from Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport is almost double the distance and may take two or three hours to drive there are many more flights into Tangier from a variety of international destinations.

By Bus or Coach

There are regular scheduled bus or coach trips from nearby cities to Chefchaouen, these take from two to four hours. Check with your hotel concierge for details.

Scheduled busses stop at the public bus stop of Chefchaouen which is 1.5km downhill from the centre of the city. It is possible to take a small taxi from the bus stop into the city.

From Casablanca

Casablanca is one of the most popular destinations within Morocco and of course after experiencing the big city sights there it is a perfect contrast with the traditions here in Chefchaouen. While it is possible to visit as a day trip to really appreciate our city spend one or two nights in one of our many brightly painted small hotels and guesthouses.

Our mountain city is about 400km away from Casablanca so therefore a long way to drive, and though some coach tours are available for day trips they therefore involve very early morning starts from your hotel and so we also suggest a flight.  Although flights directly to Chefchaouen are not possible as there is no airport here it is possible daily to fly to nearby Tetouan and from there drive in a grand taxi or private car.

From Rabat

The seaside town of Rabat is closer to Chefchaouen at only about 250km but with slightly more limited roads it is a drive of around 3 hours.

From Tangier

Located at the northern most part of morocco the city of Tangier is a major port and entryway into the country so you could consider also visiting this city on the way to visiting here.  At only about 110km away and served by major roads it is only an hour and a half or two hours drive.


From Fes

Details of this journey and the best options are being developed.

From Marrakesh

Details of this journey and the best options are being developed.

From Tetouan

Details of this journey and the best options are being developed.