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Morocco is an ancient country with both geographical and cultural attractions all over the country.  With a rich heritage of historical travel and trade it is a real cosmopolitan country and this can be seen by examining some of the many things to be seen in the country.

While Chefchaouen is the prime example of 15th Century historic Moroccan culture there is also so much more to see in the country. Don't miss some of these highlights, many of which can be easily visited from here.

The historic city of Marrakesh is only xxx miles away and in it's main square named Jamaa el Fna you can find life today as you would have seen 500 years ago with crowds, traders, visitors from all over the globe.   While in the city don't forget to visit Jardin Majorelle or the Majorelle Gardens which are beautiful artistic gardens which highlight local plants and architecture.  Then visit the historic square minaret tower of the Mosque of the Booksellers, also called Koutoubia, located just 100m west of the Jamaa el Fna you can visit them together.

Known as The Hassan II Mosque this historic building in the nearby city of Casablanca, is the largest Mosque in the country and the 7th largest in the world. An example of modern Islamic architecture it incorporates the dome and tower of a mosque with modern construction methods when it was opened in the 1990s.  Sitting on reclaimed land jutting out from a rocky shore it is as impressive as it is important to not just Muslims but all citizens of Morocco. Read more about Casablanca here.